welcome (v.): to embrace; to open up to; to make at home; to receive with joy and hope; to bring into one’s presence and companionship; to share one’s home with


We’re the Clark family.

JJ—tall, strong, and steady, always ready for a conversation with anyone, a little bit of crazy. He loves working with wood, learning about real estate, and exploring (all with a good cup of coffee).

Kristi—quiet, creative, and thoughtful, a deep thinker, homebody. She loves creating beauty, good food, and music (with a good book always in tow).

“Bubba”—busy, talkative, friendly. Currently loves Puffin Rock, goldfish, reading books, and singing. He is a constant source of delight to us and all who meet him.

Together, we’re putting down roots in southern Maine and striving to live life deeply, intentionally, and full of grace (because all is grace). We’d love to have you join us in this journey of cultivating meaningful community and loving where we live right here, right now.


We believe that:

  • we need to play as hard as we hustle, and rest well in between.

  • home is meant to be shared.

  • stories are told best accompanied by good food.

  • there’s a special kind of home wherever friends are gathered.

  • there is room for everyone at the table.

  • beauty and life are found in everyday moments and ordinary things.

  • things are not possessions to be collected, but gifts to be stewarded.

  • adventures can be found anywhere.

  • we are meant to create.

  • it’s never to late to learn.

  • the possibilities are endless.