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At Pine & Tide, we collect only information that is voluntarily given by you when you visit our site. When you use our website, simple analytical data (like a general location and what websites/apps you use to get to our website) is collected through the use of cookies and Squarespace Analytics only for our own purposes of learning about our audience and serving you better. We will not share any of this information unless required by law for the prevention of harm.

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When links to outside sources are provided in our content, we do our best to make sure we are only sending you to places we wholeheartedly support. However, we are not responsible for any of their content that might differ from our (or your) values. Our privacy statement does not extend to any other sites that might be linked to in our content.

If you disagree with any part of our privacy statement, you may opt out at any time by discontinuing use of our website and/or unsubscribing to our emails.

Terms & Conditions

Pine & Tide is responsible for our own content only; we are not liable for errors or omissions, nor for user comments. We do our best to keep our site a pleasant, safe, and error-free place to visit, but we cannot control others’ actions. Comments will be closed and/or deleted if discussions become argumentative, disrespectful, discriminating, or just downright mean.

That being said, we reserve the right to block anyone that misuses or spams our website.

Even though we provide content to people around the world, we operate based in the state of Maine, USA, and the laws applicable in this location are what we operate under.

We are not responsible for other websites’ content that is linked from our website. They operate under their own terms and conditions that can be found on their websites.

We are not professionals, just normal human beings who are working hard to improve our world and enhance your lives. Any advice or instructions given in our content should be taken with that in mind. We are not responsible for any user results or mishaps. Our information is provided in good faith, with diligent research and/or practical personal experience, with no intent to allude or to replace a professional in any capacity.

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Our terms and privacy policy are subject to change as we continue to grow and update our website. Changes will be updated here. (Last updated: December 5, 2018)