Welcome, come on in!

Why another lifestyle blog? What makes us any different?

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We believe that “lifestyle” is more than just perfectly arranged decor and posed pictures. It’s not a certain kind of photo edit or a “vibe” we present as a brand. Lifestyle goes deeper: it’s the way in which we choose to live. It’s what we say yes and no to. It’s what we choose to own, do, and embrace in life. It’s how we rest and play and work and love. It’s our core, what defines us and makes us different from others and yet the same. It draws us together in community and teaches us to learn from each other. It’s what makes our family and our home, our own.

And that’s what we want to portray here. Not just how-tos and pretty pictures, but stories that give you a glimpse of life Beyond. We want to live in a way that shows how the messy can be beautiful, how there’s riches to be found in the imperfect, and that there’s God-glory in every corner and every moment. We want to share the struggle, not just the success. We want to make people feel at home with our words and images. We want to show that there’s more, there’s Greater, beyond what we can see. “Forever is in our hearts, and I think we know.” That sense of Forever is what drives our longing to find meaning and lasting purpose in what we do and who we are. And the Someone who put Forever in our hearts is the beautiful, abundant, free source of that meaning and purpose. May you find a taste of it here.

We all crave a sense of belonging, a space to call our own, a place where we can truly know each other and be truly known. Our home can be all that and more, which is why we desire to create that kind of home for our own family. We also want to invite you into that journey with us, to inspire and even equip you to make your home, wherever it is, whatever size, however it looks, into that place where you truly feel at home.

Through this small space on the internet, we hope to share what we’re learning along the way so that you might be able to glean from it too. Our perspective may not be new or extraordinary, but if it resonates with you in some way, we are grateful for that.

We are also beginning our journey into real estate and our goal is to provide physical homes for you to rent and make your own. We love old houses and look forward to letting them shine and tell their stories for years to come as we bring them back to life.

Forever is in our hearts, and I think we know.
— forever, the gray havens

We have many more ideas about what our work and life will look like here in Maine, but time will tell whether those come to fruition or not. For now, we are excited to turn the page on this new chapter and invite you to be a part of it.

Make yourself at home.

Love, the Clark family