Bug Light Kite Festival

Let’s go fly a kite!


It was the first day that truly felt like spring was here and summer on its way. Warm, sunny, and with a strong, steady breeze, it was the perfect day to…well, fly a kite. After finding a parking spot, we followed the crowds walking a few blocks down to Bug Light Park, where the grounds were milling with as much color as the sky. Kites of all shapes and sizes bobbed and weaved among the clouds as we wove our own way in and out of people, dogs, and strollers. Peppy songs from the marimba band filled the air and added a bounce to our step as we marveled at the giant purple squid floating in the sky among divers, butterflies, spinning circles, and other shapes. We stayed for over an hour and enjoyed a picnic lunch and soaking up the warmth of the sun and the happiness of those around us.

I was expecting more of a “festival” with a lot of exotic kites, and some vendors and games, but it was more like just an open gathering to fly your kite. However, it wasn’t hugely disappointing as it was well organized, clean, and a fun way to enjoy a picnic on a beautiful day. The music really added to the atmosphere and our little guy was fascinated with both the marimbas and the giant squid kite. If you hold the term “festival” loosely, you’ll find an enjoyable experience waiting for you at this pretty park.


helpful info:

  • The Bug Light Kite Festival is held annually on the Saturday in between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day at Bug Light Park in South Portland.

  • Arrive early to find a close parking spot, but we were able to easily park in the SMCC parking lot. Be prepared to walk 15 minutes or so to get to the park, but there are sidewalks all the way and it’s an easy trek.

  • Pack a lunch to eat on the grounds or buy lunch from the vendors to support the park/museum.

  • FYI: There are outhouses available on the premises.

  • For families with toddlers/littles: arrive early and stay for lunch. Enjoy the music and seeing the kites, but you’ll find that an hour or so is probably enough for a toddler to handle. We took a walk around (twice) to see everything and sat and ate our lunch while watching the marimba band, but there were too many people to let a little one roam free or play. You (and they) will be ready to head home for a nap after a little while.

  • For families with older children: come for lunch and stay all afternoon! They were making announcements for some organized activities as we were preparing to leave, so that would have more appeal to older children who are able to participate. Bring your own card or board games to play after lunch while counting kites.

  • Bring a kite and join in!

Sources: https://www.visitportland.com/bug-light-kite-festival-south-portland-maine-ev5709.aspx

Thanks to The Maine Play Book for the recommendation!

Kristi Clark